Machal Bet

For thirty years Michlahah has offered a program for a second-year students to continue their Torah growth and Torah studies.

The vast majority of Machal Bet students have matriculated from the Machal program and they are joined by carefully selected second – year students whose initial year of studies was completed in other seminaries in Israel.

The Machal Bet program begins where Machal finished. Its students are accomplished in their Torah studies, having amassed knowledge and skills and finding in Michlalah the environment and faculty they need for their future achievement. Their maturity attests to their ability to take full advantage of the additional independence Machal Bet offers.

In addition to its advanced Torah studies, the Machal Bet student has many classes that focus on personal growth and provide the Torah-based framework for her to develop herself into the personality that she seeks.

Other opportunities include accredited university courses in the sciences, literature and history.
Machal Bet students benefit from the direct and personal guidance of their own Mechanechet and Rakezet in addition to their mentors from Machal.

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