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Science Building
Main Building

Michlalah’s rolling, expansive campus is a true home-away–from-home. Overlooking a large section of Yerushalayim to the east and with an upwards view to the south and beyond, just sitting on its beautiful lawns alone can be an idyllic experience.

The main academic building houses classrooms and administration and the science building is home to biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. The three–story library is attached to the science building with our large indoor Pauline’s Pool connecting them.

The cafeteria is on the upper level of the campus and the exclusive Machal Student Lounge is just one floor below it. From the bottom of the campus to the top, student residences follow the terraced hill top. With much open space, and a basketball court, it is always a wonderful place for a stroll, sitting on the grass with a friend or for some private contemplation.