1964 was a breakthrough year in women’s Torah education with the founding of Michlalah-Jerusalem College by Rav Dr. Yehuda Copperman. A pioneer in Torah education and commentary, Rav Copperman founded Michlalah to prepare outstanding Torah-steeped teachers for the Israeli school system. With non-Israelis clamoring to be part of this Torah revolution, the foreign students program was established some 5 years later, given the name The Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students (Machal) in 1989.

With about 140 students from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, England, South Africa, Belgium, France in its program, Machal provides a Torah-growth experience that focuses on personal commitment to a Torah life through intensive Torah Study and the opportunity for guided mentoring from Machal’s superb staff. Known for the quality of its faculty and students who come from over 30 high schools world-wide and the advanced level of its learning program, thousands of students have been educated in Michlalah for five decades.

Machal is part of Michlalah’s 2000+ student body with students in undergraduate, graduate and unique certificate programs. There is a small, separate Machal Tzorfati.

If advanced learning beckons you together with a desire to make your personal commitment to Torah through knowledge and understanding, Machal may be the place for you.

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