Michlalah-Jerusalem College is accredited by the Council of Higher Education of the State of Israel (Malag) and its transcripts are accepted in major universities throughout the world.
The Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students (Machal) has Joint-Program Agreements with the following Universities and Colleges:

 Yeshiva University  Lander College for Women  Blitstein Institute
Yeshiva University Lander College for Women Blitstein Institute for Women

Please read the Application Information Document

Important dates!

  • Application Deadline – December 1st
  • Entrance Exam date – December 6th
  • Interviews – from mid- November until mid-January.

The prospective student has a few options for obtaining the application.  Please choose the one that suits your needs.

A. Applications are available after September 15th in major high schools in the United States, Canada and England or by contacting the New York office directly at or (845) 356-0664.

B. Download the full application booklet (incl. the Medical Information and Letters of Recommendation forms) to be manually filled and mailed back to Friends of Michlalah in New York.

Download Application Booklet

C. Applicant can download the Digital Application Form, fill it in (using a PDF reader program; NOT from your browser!) and e-mail it back to us, using the “SUBMIT FORM” button. The Medical Information and Letters of Recommendation forms can be downloaded as well to be filled up manually.

Digital Application Form

Medical Form

Letters of Recommendation Form

It is necessary to submit the following items as per each instruction.

  • Transcripts and two letters of recommendation to be submitted by the school.
  • Medical form and immunization record to be filled in by the physician.
  • Medical affirmation to be submitted by the applicant and parent with signatures.
  • SAT or ACT (for UK students O/A levels) submitted by the school or applicant.  An unofficial copy with student’s printed name is acceptable.
  • Four official passport pictures with your name clearly written on the back of each picture to be mailed.  Computer photos are not acceptable.
  • PAYMENT of $150 application fee.   Please be aware that your application cannot be processed until you pay the non-refundable application fee.  Payment may be made by VISA, Mastercard or by mailing a check payable to Friends of Michlalah.

You can also call (845) 356-0664 with your credit card number.

A schedule of interviews will be available after November 6, 2017 for 5779 (2018/19) applicants.

Please click here for sample entrance exam.

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FAX: (845) 356-0787

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