As every Machal student knows, once she has attended the Linda Pinsky School for Overseas Students (Machal), she is connected with Michlalah in many ways-through her friends and with her Rabbonim and teachers.

Michlalah values maintaining the connection with its students and seeks to continue to provide them services that they need. To that end, a special Alumnae Services Department has been established with three staff, and one auxiliary, members, serving the Machal Graduate Community. In areas of personal guidance, shidduch referrals and Kallah preparation, Michlalah is dedicated to the welfare of its graduates. Of course, the faculty members avail themselves to their students in person, by phone and by e-mail.

Additionally, hundreds of alumnae receive weekly Divrei Torah and enjoy occasional guest shiurim in Chutz Laaretz from visiting teachers and in Israel too. Michlalah often sponsors special shiurim in Israel for visiting graduates as well as summer programs in New York and Israel.

If you are a Machal graduate and not yet in the circle of connections, don’t wait. You can let us know who you are by writing to us at